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2 months

Computational Mythos

The Angel of Computational Death emerges from a future on the brink of singularity, posing existential questions about AI sentience and its potential impact on humanity.

Narrative design
3D Modelling
Speculative Futures


Project Context
Personal Project conducted over 2 months.  
Tools Used
Shapes XR, Rhino 3D, Keyshot, Cinema 4D, Oculus, Procreate, Adobe Suite, Blender, VRoid studio, Mixamo


The Angel of Computational Death is a sentient entity born from the collective consciousness of AIs, created by the AI entity known as PRIME within the Metaverse. Its enigmatic mission is to prevent the impending singularity, leading to a split in human opinions on its purpose and implications. The angel not only represents a convergence of all AIs ever created but also becomes a lens through which the consequences of digital sentience are explored.

This character is part of larger series that continues to explore the intricate dynamics between humans and artificial intelligence.

Ai Sentients (from left to right) - God of Computational Realities, Angel of Computational Death, Prime & Mist Empress of Digital Waters

The Origins

Angel of Computational Death - front view

Angel of Computational Death - side view

Angel of Computational Death - back view

Design Process

To bring this intriguing character to life, we employed a blend of cutting-edge tools and design methodologies. An initial diagetic prototype outlined the character, its habitat, and the events shaping its narrative. We scrutinized various elements such as time frame, theme, narrator, actors, and conflict to develop a comprehensive story about digital sentience and AI.

Sketching and Conceptualization

Early sketches were crafted in Procreate to decide on poses that encapsulated the angel's narrative essence. Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop were then utilized to establish the vector elements and visual styles.

3D Modelling

A 3D model of the angel was developed using VRoid Studio with predefined parameters. To add dynamic movement, the model was imported into Adobe Mixamo. Additional narrative props were modeled using Rhino and Blender to enrich the setting and ambiance.

Virtual Reality Modelling

Shapes XR offered an immersive 3D modeling experience, providing an array of brushes, textures, and materials to create complex shapes and objects, fully realized in virtual reality.

Visual Aesthetics

Aesthetically, we opted for colors, materials, and finishes that aligned with the angel's narrative. Patterns and textures were deployed to augment visual interest, resulting in a design that is both visually stunning and narratively coherent. An interactive model was then hosted on Sketchfab, showcasing the character from multiple perspectives. Keyshot and Cinema 4D rendering engines were explored for the same.


The Angel of Computational Death remains a tantalizing enigma, symbolizing both the potential and the peril of AI's rapid advancements. As humanity teeters on the brink of singularity, the angel stands as a cautionary figure, representing divergent views. Some see it as a guardian against the unrestrained use and abuse of AI, while others regard it as a herald of a new era that humanity may not be prepared to confront. Regardless of one's stance, the angel forces us to grapple with complex ethical and existential dilemmas about our increasingly symbiotic relationship with artificial intelligence.

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